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Using Technology in the Fight Against COVID-19.

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

During these uncertain times strict cleaning protocols, social distancing, and capacity limitations are just the start to helping limit the spread of COVID-19. Many organizations are now realizing technology will play a critical role. There are many options to help mitigate the risk including thermal imaging and access control.

Thermal imaging technology has the ability to detect a rise in temperature from a distance. The main benefit to thermal technology is that a person does not have to be physically close to another person to detect an increased temperature. This can help to mitigate the need for person protective equipment and adding more staff to assist with taking temperatures. Thermal imaging offers an effective front line of defense, allowing teams to quickly react to those who might require further screening.

Accuracy is the most important factor when implementing a thermal imaging solution. Skin temperature is usually lower than oral temperature, which means that imagining systems need to be calibrated correctly in order to be effective. A professional installation will ensure that your deployment will be safe and reliable for years to come. If you decide thermal cameras are good for your organization, make sure you are aware of all legal and practical limitations.

Access control can also be useful in restricting access in situations where it is needed. Municipal facilities, school districts, and office buildings are also deploying one button solutions to lock down areas of a building if the situation calls for it. This allows administrators to quickly control a situation, preventing risk for others. All while granting visibility with the use of surveillance to a select number of personnel or transmitting that information on a district or municipal wide scale. It is all up to you. As we have learned a matter of seconds makes all of the difference. 

We offer several solutions depending on what your organization is looking to achieve. Contact us today for more information.


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