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Millennium and Wasabi Have Partnered Up to Offer Cloud Storage Solutions

We are pleased to announce that we have recently partnered with Wasabi, a hot cloud storage company. Well-versed in the cloud storage industry, joining forces with Wasabi compliments the value-added services you can expect from Millennium. Let's take a moment to highlight the service offering this partnership affords:

  • Back Up and Recovery - Enable business continuity across hybrid or multiple clouds

  • Archiving - Evolve complex archive tiers into a single simple active archive

  • Data Analytics - Enable data analytics and better business intelligence

  • Application Development - Custom app integrated with compute and cloud partners

  • Contact Delivery - Accelerate audio and video content software distribution

  • Surveillance - Improve security and law enforcement visibility of videos and photos

  • Internet of Things - Store more data coming from smart connected devices and sensors

  • AI/ML - Provision for artificial intelligence and machine learning to transform the future

  • Customized bundled packages - 1, 3, and 5 year contracts

Looking to convert your on-prem storage to the cloud? We can help you navigate that transition, developing a solution that works best for your current needs.


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