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Electric Charging Station

EV Charging Stations


The world of transportation is changing.
By having a licensed electrician here at Millennium, we are able to offer EV charging station installations.

Project start-to-finish solution. 


Electric Car Charging Station


Level 1 charging is to charge your EV from a regular wall outlet. It is typically 120 Volt charging and works very slowly. Just simply plug up to an outlet, and let your car charge up. Most outlets can be used; both residentially, and public places when Level two and DC charging isn't available. This type of charging can work in a pinch but you’re unlikely to get more than 5 miles of range per hour of charge.  Automakers almost always include with their plug-in vehicles, a small Level 1 charger (a small box or cylinder) with a short cord, and a grounded household plug one end, with a longer cord and the pistol-grip connector that plugs into the car on the other.

Electric Car Charger


Level 2 charging is the most common type of charging used in homes. It requires special equipment, that will need a professional electrician to install it; operating at 208 or 240 Volts, just like your clothes dryer, electric oven or central air conditioner, and charges up to 10x faster than a Level 1. You can charge your car overnight, ready for the next day, or charge up from empty in four to ten hours. Public level 2 charging stations are common at locations where drivers tend to park, like workplaces or commercial parking lots, but most EV owners also get this version installed in their garage so they can charge overnight. 

Electric Car


Supercharging is the level you will want installed at your business. These operate at 400 Volts, which is a higher level of service than most homes have. As homes and other residential building operate on a grid, DC chargers are normally found in public places, like malls and regular gas stations, for use. These chargers provide a significant hit of energy quickly, helping you fill your battery in half an hour or less. Customers can park up, and charge their car whilst shopping in the mall, watching a movie, or going out for dinner. DC fast charging can be installed residentially, but specialist equipment and structural changes must be implemented.

As more drivers go electric, EV charging stations are becoming a must-have amenity for workplaces, shopping centers, apartments and other industries. EV car sales increased by 65% from 2021 to 2022, and with the push towards clean energy, these numbers are only expected to increase over the next few years. 

  • Private Fiber Networks
    What is a private fiber network? Simply put, it is a fiber optic path that connects points within a building, around a campus, throughout a town, or all through a County or State that does not rely on the path offered by the Telephone or Cable companies. It is a network owned by you, constructed to serve your needs, that not only will support itself through the reduction of costs from those outside service providers, it will greatly enhance every aspect of networking in and around your facilities.
  • FTTx
    Our expertise in fiber based systems has brought us all over the world. From our early days working with the scientists at AT&T Bell labs on the first fiber to the home models, to our work with Optus, Australia’s National Voice, Video and Data provider, our expertise has been in demand. Millennium has been called upon by every major provider of telecommunications services in the Country, Federal, State and Local Governments, college campuses, K-12 and the private sector to solve their Fiber To The X needs.
  • K-12
    One of the most advantageous areas to utilize private fiber networking is in the K-12 environment. School districts are often strapped for resources while trying to provide outstanding educational services. The private fiber network allows districts to offer enhanced services while saving valuable resources. Whether it’s a distant learning program shared among multiple locations or consolidation of computer resources into one data center , Millennium has provided school districts just like yours with the tools to enhance the learning experience while reducing the costs of operation and the carbon footprint as well.
  • State and Local Government
    State and Local Governments can benefit tremendously from ownership of a private fiber network whether the network is used for consolidation of services, offsite data storage, inter-building data and communications, surveillance, or all of the above. The value of fiber ownership far outweighs any alternative a service provider can offer. Not only can a private fiber network deliver speeds surpassing 10Gbits, cost prohibitive in the public switched networks, it is all done in a secure environment free from the potential threat of outside intrusion.
  • Federal Government
    Millennium is a GSA partner under schedule 70, providing advanced fiber optic networking systems to Federal Government agencies and under programs that provide Federal grants to local communities. Our voice, video and data services provide solutions from energy management to homeland security applications. We have the skill sets to provide design/build services around a specific requirement, matching the right technology with the specific application.
  • Campus Wide
    Campus networks provide high speed interconnection between facilities that can be utilized to share network services including internet, voice, video and data. These networks often have self healing capabilities that further enhance their value to the end users. An Office Park or University offering private fiber networks is more secure, and more attractive to tenants and students.
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