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Funding for Schools and Libraries

How it works

The Federal Communications Commission (FFC) rules that all services that are eligible to receive discounts under the School and Libraries Universal Service Support Mechanism (otherwise known as the E-Rate program or E-Rate) are listed in the below Eligible Service List.
The E-Rate program is administered by the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC). Eligible schools and libraries may seek
E-Rate support for eligible Category One and Two services.
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Eligible Applications

Public or private schools (K-12), libraries, and groups of schools and libraries (e.g., consortia, districts, systems) can apply for discounts on eligible services.

Eligible Services

Internet access, telecommunications services, and related equipment are eligible for discounts.

The Process


Competitive Bidding once Form 470 is submitted.

Selecting a Service Provider - Form 471

Discounts are applied by your entity..

Application Reviewed by USAC/FCC.

Starting Services.

Pay for discounted services,


Pay for services and invoice USAC for reimbursement.

Deadlines for the FY24-25 fiscal year.

  • The form 470 window opened in July and will officially close in June 2024, but all 470 forms have to be submitted with enough time to file form 471.
  • Form 471's window opens in January 2024 and closes in March 2024.
  • If funded, the applicant has until September 30th 2025 to complete the project.
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