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Eyes in the Sky
City-Wide Drone Detection allows organizations to instantly access drone data in their airspace without needing to install or maintain hardware. Users can easily mark alert zones and receive real-time notifications when drones enter detection areas. Offering a deep threat intelligence database in the industry with a vast array of drone flights.
  • Our layered solutions provide superior designs capable of detection and mitigation to meet government and military CsUAS requirements.

  • Our fully autonomous, end-to-end system offers best in its class, making it the go-to counter-drone solutions for mission-critical needs.

  • It empowers the expeditionary warfighter with necessary tools to make informed decisions in the face if drone threats.

  • We enhance radar and camera OEM classifiers to deliver highly accurate drone threat detection and virtually eliminate false positives. 

  • AI identifies biologic threats in real-time and filters out irrelevant information.

Tracking Solutions

Defensive Solutions

Real Estate Drone Photography

Offensive Solutions

Drone technology advances rapidly, and only a software-centric solutions can keep up. Our tracker software, hosted in the cloud or on-premises, uses a database to recognize and classify RF, Wi-Fi, and non-Wi-Fi drone. We integrate with sensors, and triggers alerts and countermeasures. 

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