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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Millennium Communications Group Inc. Named Top 100 FTTH Company for the third

Updated: Jun 26, 2018

East Hanover, NJ – Millennium Communications Group Inc., a leader in implementing fiber-to-the-home networks and associated technologies, has been named one of Broadband Communities Magazine’s Top 100 FTTH companies for the third year in a row!

Connectivity is no longer a luxury it is a necessity and Millennium Communications Group is here to help connect your community.

“At the beginning of a game changing transformation, there’s a vision. Millennium Communications Group has been fulfilling that vision with our customers for 20 years. When your FTTH project demands experts we’re there” said Ron Cassel, Chief Executive Officer of Millennium.

Among the FTTH clients are WiredWest Communications Cooperative Corporation, a large municipal communications cooperative of 44 towns in western Massachusetts. Other clients deploying FTTH include ECFiber, a multi-town cooperative in Vermont with a unique resident-funded business model, and the town of Leverett, Mass.

Millennium has much experience in fiber to the home (FTTH) networks that are controlled, operated, and owned by your community. Understandably the price of building a private fiber network may leave you shaking your head, but once you see the return on investment along with the many other benefits of ownership, you might just change your mind. FTTH networks have been known to increase home values, business opportunity, attract and retain young adults, and increase job opportunity.

Another alternative that requires much less investment and risk on the communities end, is having a private company build, own, and manage the network for you. The community will still be receiving the connectivity needed at a competitive price, but would not have to worry about funding the entire project and staffing someone full time to manage the network. The community can even take it one step further and have the private company build/own a network that connects several communities making the network and operation more cost efficient; less risk, for a lifetime of rewards.

About Millennium Millennium provides advanced communication infrastructures utilizing integrated technology solutions across the public and private sectors. We offer broad IT solutions that combine fiber optic infrastructures with innovative networking equipment. Our solutions enhance business efficiency, reduce costs, secure data and improve your overall network. From planning to perfection, we are your single point of contact for endless possibilities.

Media Contact: Lauren Cassel, Millennium Communications Group Inc., 973-929-2555,


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