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Combat Vaping with Smart Sensors

Tired of the halls of your school buildings going up in smoke? Vaping in school has gotten out of control. Bathrooms and anywhere unattended by faculty has become a popular place. With staff shortages, this is probably unbearable to police. If this sounds all too familiar to you, Millennium can help!

We have a solution that will help you alleviate this problem and take control of your district's vape epidemic. A new smart sensor technology that uses special algorithms can detect where vaping is taking place and send alerts of the exact location. The technology goes one step further and can detect the type of smoke. Is it just tobacco smoke or does it contain THC? These sophisticated devices know the difference. Experiencing attempts to mask the smells with aerosol sprays? It knows that too and is easily integrated and compatible with industry leading video management systems for seamless use under one platform.

Contact us today so we can create a customized solution that will help you!

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