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When network downtime is not an option - Call Millennium

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

When a national fiber services company reached out to report an outage, Millennium was quick to jump in and remedy the situation with our fiber optic restoration services. Close to our home base of East Hanover, a large electrical fire engulfed much of a landscape in a swap-like area melting a fiber optic cable. After first responders put out the fire and the power company deemed the cable was deenergized and the working conditions safe, Millennium mobilized crews.

Arriving at the site, assessing the integrity of the outage’s environment, the rolling of trucks and equipment was not an option. As a result, a splice tent, generator, and other necessary equipment had to be hand carried nearly 500 feet through this swampy area to fashion the appropriate worksite conditions and mobile splice unit. Within hours a new fiber optic cable was installed, prepped, spliced, and tested. Recognizing the severity of this outage and the entities effected, getting the customer’s services fully restored and connectivity back in a timely manner was of the upmost importance.

When an outage occurs and emergency services are required, customers want a fiber restoration services company that they can trust to get the job done. With almost 3 decades in the industry and fiber services being the foundation from which the company was built, when calling on Millennium the customer can be confident they are getting the best possible services.


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