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Cellular Systems

Strengthen the Signal

Building materials, can block cellular signals from penetrating, leaving those within the structure without stable service. Queue, Cell boosters, and a passive system that takes the outside signal and distributes it with the building.

Project start-to-finish solution. 

Signal booster solutions for...

Small Business
Parts &
Parking Decks
Charging Stations
Law Enforcement


  • Carrier agnostic

  • FCC approved

  • Scalable

  • Healthcare

    • Improve patient care. Retain top-tier staff.

  • Government

    • Stay under budget and ahead of schedule.

  • Manufacturing

    • Increase productivity with rapid communications.

  • Life Safety

    • Meet safety standards and prepare for any emergency.

  • Education

    • Count on a safe, secure network across campus.

  • Carrier Networks

    • Outdoor and indoor solutions for every carrier network.

  • Property Management

    • Improve onsite experience. Improve online marketability.

  • Retail

    • Experience faster transactions and happier customers.

  • Transportation

    • Outfit any port pr station with reliable coverage.

  • ATMs and Kiosks

    • Ensure safe, secure transactions on any device.

Potential Problem

Benefits dynamics

  • Frequent dropped calls

  • Poor call quality

  • Low cellular data speeds

  • Dead Areas

What causes a weak signal?

  • Building materials

  • Surrounding landscape

  • Distance from cell tower

  • Other buildings/man-made obstructions


How it Works ...


1. The outside antenna on the roof recieves the cell signal from a nearby cell tower and passes it into the house via a coax cable.


2. A signal amplifier receives the signal from the outside antenna, boosts it, and then passes it over another cable to an inside antenna.


3. The inside antenna broadcasts the boosted signal to any devices in the area, so they get reliable calls and fast data speeds.

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